Your brain requires an obnoxious amount of energy in order to function, and that energy demand is not static.

Intense thought can double your brains metabolic activity, and in order to keep up with that, your brain needs more blood. Your heart has to work harder, and the blood vessels connecting your brain to to your heart have to work well; once the blood reaches your brain, it has to be distributed appropriately to make sure all areas with increased activity are adequately supplied. This might require building new vessels, or expanding existing vessels. Excising can kick that process into high gear.Basically all of your body may be demanding more blood during intense exercise, but if your brain doesn't get enough you die, so it adapts. Those plumbing upgrades don't just go away when you aren't exercising. If you are just sitting in class and thinking, your brain has more food to play with, and you can think clearer.

Sports usually inspire a degree of self discipline as well, and can help motivate success through peer pressure, or reward. Taken together, physical sports can help develop your brain to function better, and give you the mental desire to function better. Depending on the sport, it also provides practice at multitasking/coordinating different motions/senses, or problem-solving depending on the game.

There is some interesting research on the effect of FPS video games on problem solving and academic function if you want to learn more on that angle. I imagine with music, it's similar, but I don't study Neuroscience, so I would be guessing about the brain areas affected.


So what is the purpose of brown or in some case green beer bottles?

Brewers started to use glass because it kept beer fresher, longer.

However, there was one serious issue, if the beer was left in the sun too long, brewers found the beer would smell and taste skunky. Literally, it smelled just how a skunk smells. Scientists discovered that Ultra Violet rays from the sun break down the alpha acids in hops which then react with the sulfur present in beer to form a chemical that is almost identical to the chemical that skunks use to spray predators. Those damn UV rays. The solution was to tint the beer bottle to protect it from UV rays. Similar to how sunglasses help protect your eyesight; the dark brown beer bottle helps protect the beer from going bad.

Why the green beer bottle then? Green beer bottles offer very little protection from the sunlight. Though, slightly more than a clear bottle, it does not help protect from UV as much as one might want.

Around World War II, brown glass rose in demand and many companies had to forfeit their brown glass for their country. Unfortunately that meant companies with higher quality beers had to use clear glass, which made their beers look like cheaper, clear glass beers. Higher quality brewers’ solution was to sell their beer in green bottles so a consumer could tell the difference between a regular beer and a higher quality. The green beer bottle became a status symbol for many European breweries. These days, there’s not much of a reason to sell a beer in a green bottle other than for marketing and aesthetic.

Lucky for us, glass suppliers are able to apply clear, UV protected coats to glass that help keep beer fresh no matter what kind of bottle it is in.


I don't think that you can call it a baby shower when you already have the baby. That is sort of the predicament that I am in now.

My twin sister has had her first child a healthy little boy. And while she didn't want a baby shower she has requested a welcome party. I wasn't sure what it was at first but she had seen one in one of the new mother magazines that she reads and thought that it looked like fun. It is essentially a baby shower that takes place when the baby is about three months to a year after the child is born. Ours is going to be around the five month mark so that is alright. And kiddo has a chance to acclimate to this crazy world of ours a little more before being passed around.

Oddly enough there are a lot of things that tell you what to expect when you have a welcoming shower. I am not really sure that it is a shower, gifts aren't the main focus so that might be the wrong term. But welcoming party also sounds like it is a celebration for somebody that has been away from home for a longtime and that also doesn't work.

At any rate I had a hard time finding the right idea for planning a party like this. I think that it might be because I over thought the whole thing. Maybe. Just, a little. And so I was looking for something more specific, something that was all about the welcome baby aspect. I think that was causing some confusion on both my part and that of my co-host who wanted to just make it sort of like a baby shower, but not quite.

I looked around, and what I ended up doing was going with the not quite aspect. That means looking for fantastic baby shower ideas.

I found a pretty good example of a step by step on a site called grayduck which was for the baby shower.

When I was looking through the general sites on the topic I was mostly met with the same ideas over and over, and they were all about the theme. Which to me is important but there is a lot more to it than that which makes planning for a real party a little more of a hassle. I know that since it technically isn't a real shower a lot of the rules that apply to them are no longer a factor.

THIS, to me is really huge since I am not one for following all of those silly baby shower traditions.

There are just so many of them, and a lot of the people that we know are total sticklers when it comes to be lax with the sense of tradition. I say, if you don't want to then you shouldn't. I understand that etiquette is a rule set that allows everybody to play on the same equal playing field. But for example, my best friend, she had a bridal shower and her maid of honor told everybody that it was going to be a simple informal affair with only light finger food and a little cake. It was going to be a chance for the guest of honor to get both sides together and let them mingle. Do you think that that went over well? Hah!

People put all sorts of expectations on you, they want this and that and the other thing without reflecting on what the whole point was supposed to be.

That is why I am glad that we get to have a baby shower for my sister but at the same time not be subject to all of the rules.


Why do we as humans get embarrassed, some of us more easily than others and yet animals do not appear to have the same capability even though some are self aware?

Because human beings have the ability to see themselves through other people's eyes. Most animals do not seem to have this ability. Embarrassment is based on what you think other people think of you.

As humans we use it as a tool to gauge your standing in a social group. As social animals, being rejected by the social group can lead to death while rising in status can lead to better mating opportunities and access to resources, so shame and embarrassment are negative reinforcement tools to avoid losing social status.

Other mammals that live in social groups probably feel it or something similar.


My old car had the tank on the left-hand side, that is the driver's side of the car. I liked it, it made sense to me. But when I got my new car last month I suddenly had a right hand car. It was strange. At first I wasn't sure that I liked it. So I started to research.

Researching this I found a few candidate explanations:

The filler cap is on the opposite side to the exhaust pipe. Makes sense that it would reduce the risk of igniting spilled fuel, and it might also be mechanically easier to build. As for which side the exhaust is on, that will be influenced by the engine mounting especially for a transverse engine.

If there's a lever in the car on the driver's side to release the filler cap, putting the filler cap on the driver's side too is mechanically simpler. But my own car goes against this, so left hand drive, lever on the floor just next to the driver's door, right hand side filler cap.

Probably the car designers just put it where it's easiest, considering the rest of the vehicle. Car manufacturers decide this based on a few things, where static builds (in some cars this is more likely on the drivers side due to materials), ease of use (how close to the driver it is), stopping safety (if stopped on the side of the road so the cap is not in the road, this does only apply to cars based on origin country)... but primarily it is based around where the tank is in the design.

Things like which side the driver sits, a transverse-mounted engine, and certain rear lights all create asymmetries in car design.


Most of the savings accounts I've ever had have had a $5 minimum balance.

Why all the fuss about making sure I have $5 in the bank? Surely they aren't making that much more money on me when I have $5 in the bank vs. when I have $0, right?

The savings account is kind of like a loan to them. You put the money aside that you're saving up and in the meantime they get to use it to provide loans and provide you interest in return. If the account is empty they are gaining nothing from it, but still have to track it.

The bank does this to avoid people just leaving their old savings accounts with no balance on them.

Maintaining the account takes a tiny bit of work and the bank does not like that people have a lot of unused accounts that they have to keep track of. $5 is a high enough sum that people care about it and take two seconds transferring to an active account. Most banks will allow you to keep your account without any balance for some time but the $5 limit gives them an excuse to close unused accounts.

Plus $5 may not be much for one account, but if thousands of accounts were empty, that would be a big difference for their capacity to lend money.