I don't think that you can call it a baby shower when you already have the baby. That is sort of the predicament that I am in now.

My twin sister has had her first child a healthy little boy. And while she didn't want a baby shower she has requested a welcome party. I wasn't sure what it was at first but she had seen one in one of the new mother magazines that she reads and thought that it looked like fun. It is essentially a baby shower that takes place when the baby is about three months to a year after the child is born. Ours is going to be around the five month mark so that is alright. And kiddo has a chance to acclimate to this crazy world of ours a little more before being passed around.

Oddly enough there are a lot of things that tell you what to expect when you have a welcoming shower. I am not really sure that it is a shower, gifts aren't the main focus so that might be the wrong term. But welcoming party also sounds like it is a celebration for somebody that has been away from home for a longtime and that also doesn't work.

At any rate I had a hard time finding the right idea for planning a party like this. I think that it might be because I over thought the whole thing. Maybe. Just, a little. And so I was looking for something more specific, something that was all about the welcome baby aspect. I think that was causing some confusion on both my part and that of my co-host who wanted to just make it sort of like a baby shower, but not quite.

I looked around, and what I ended up doing was going with the not quite aspect. That means looking for fantastic baby shower ideas.

I found a pretty good example of a step by step on a site called grayduck which was for the baby shower.

When I was looking through the general sites on the topic I was mostly met with the same ideas over and over, and they were all about the theme. Which to me is important but there is a lot more to it than that which makes planning for a real party a little more of a hassle. I know that since it technically isn't a real shower a lot of the rules that apply to them are no longer a factor.

THIS, to me is really huge since I am not one for following all of those silly baby shower traditions.

There are just so many of them, and a lot of the people that we know are total sticklers when it comes to be lax with the sense of tradition. I say, if you don't want to then you shouldn't. I understand that etiquette is a rule set that allows everybody to play on the same equal playing field. But for example, my best friend, she had a bridal shower and her maid of honor told everybody that it was going to be a simple informal affair with only light finger food and a little cake. It was going to be a chance for the guest of honor to get both sides together and let them mingle. Do you think that that went over well? Hah!

People put all sorts of expectations on you, they want this and that and the other thing without reflecting on what the whole point was supposed to be.

That is why I am glad that we get to have a baby shower for my sister but at the same time not be subject to all of the rules.